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Periodontal Treatment

Gum Recession

  1. Dr. Fourrier provides scapel free suture free treatment when possible to correct undesirable gum recession. It is quick, easy and instant resolution to the problem.
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    PinHole Surgery to correct Gum Recession

  3. Conventional Gum Grafting
    When the pin hole technology is not applicable, Dr. Fourrier provides conventional grafting to cover root exposure for undesirable esthetics and root sensitivity, and to create keratinized tissue where necessary. This can be done by harvesting your own tissue or buying donor tissue.

Regenerative Periodontal Surgery

The state of the art in periodontal treatment today is to preserve bone and regenerate bone and soft tissue whenever this is possible. Following tooth loss, bone grafting is used to preserve the bone from the tooth socket or to grow back the bone that is lost. This can be done with many techniques:

  1. BmpRH2
    Using BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein) allows your own stem cells to regenerate your own bone. This is relatively new and exciting technology. It is used to regenerate a great deal of bone and challenging cases with great success. This is done in the office under local anesthetic.
  2. Conventional Bone Grafting
    This is used to preserve the ridge of bone after extractions and to prevent the collapse of the socket ( see patient education & click on Consult Pro )/This will grow back moderate bone loss to enable adequate bone for implant placement. This is done in the office under local anesthetic.
  3. Laser Assisted Surgery
    Dr. Fourrier was the 1st periodontist in the state of South Carolina to be educated, clinical trained and licensed to use the FDA approved Laser Assisted New Attachment procedure (LANAP) to treat and correct periodontal diseases. This is done in the office under local anesthetic usually without use of scalpels or sutures throughout the procedure. Many patients go right back to work with minimal if any discomfort.
  4. Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Scaling and Rood Planing

Non surgical therapy of scaling and root planing is geared towards removing plaque and tartar (calculus) from under the gum line.